Radio is the most non-invasive method of media coverage. It does not require the capture of visual attention, the audio material can be listened to behind the wheel, in the kitchen or during daily activities. The information received by hearing is nestled in the human mind.

The project of a Christian radio is an approach that God has put on our hearts. Here in the Kalahari such a project is necessary not because of the hectic life, but because of the need to spread the gospel and communicate with the evangelized, many of whom do not know how to read and write.

Enormous distances make frequent interaction with the evangelized and converted impossible. Scattered villages 200 km away from the mission base require huge expenses. As regular contact with the new believers is difficult, they quickly feel abandoned. Between 2018 and 2019 we tried to visit the villages at least once a month, but the expenses were enormous and impossible to cover.

A Christian radio would compensate for the need of communication and the people could keep in touch with us by listening to our programs and benefiting for their spiritual growth.

We have received positive responses from the authorities regarding the authorizations, we have professional people ready to help preparing radio materials but we need the resources to launch the project. For its implementation we need to use solar-powered radios, so that they can be used even in the most remote areas.

Help us pray for the right people with passion and vision.