Medical Assistance

This is a project that requires specialists, people that have been qualified and professionals in the field. In order to function it needs medical staff. We need volunteers dedicating some of their time to come and offer their professional aid to these needy people.

With God’s help all the necessary donations were received to be able to offer this aid as well. Thus, the locals can enjoy a medical office located near the school. It has the role of providing first aid with all the necessary equipment for both medical and dental first aid treatments. Due to a lack of volunteers sadly there are times when we are unable to offer help to those in need in spite of the fact that the office has been equipped with all the necessities.

The most common medical problem we encounter with the locals are scabies caused by the poor living conditions. The second most common are worms encountered in the rainy season. We were able to treat most of these conditions with the help of the donations received by offering them sulfur soaps and special scabies creams and medical care.

The medical office is more than just healthcare, it is a special place where God has opened up people to be reached with the gospel. Those involved in this project have noticed how God has opened up doors to preach the Word of God and offer biblical counseling for everyday life.

There have been cases where the clinic has been used as a delivery room. Many women give birth in the poor conditions in their huts. The clinic is viewed as dream come through modernization of this tribe.

The most frequent patients of the clinic are the students from our school. We tend to believe that they want to go to the doctor’s office not only because of a need, but also because they like it there. They are treated with much love and attention. The overwhelming joy on their faces coming out of the medical office having a bandaged leg or just a simple band-aid is nothing but contagious.

These offices have been such a blessing for the locals!